Student support resources: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

At ASIS, we are proud of the curriculum we offer students in the classroom. The curriculum prepares students with massage skills and also provides other resources that can support our students while they are in school and beyond. Early in their time with us, during orientation, students get introduced to associations in the massage field and get to explore the benefits that are available to them during their time in school and beyond.

Benefits to belonging to an association

Associations can provide many features to their members in many fields. Massage therapy is no different. A common benefit is access to liability insurance but there is so much more.  I highly suggest that students explore the associations while they are students so they can see how the extra benefits could support them in their careers.

Benefits to joining an association can include:

  • Access to resources
  • Continuing education (ABMP has up to 600 hours for Certified Members)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Mentoring programs
  • Job opportunities
  • Business tools
  • Industry news and updates

Let’s take a look at some of the student features provided by ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals:

ABMP Student Life Resources

ABMP Student Life connects students to information and resources that help them balance life, study, and school through study resources and lifestyle tips. There is a Picked Fresh section that connects students to study tools the Student Life videos is an area where students can watch short, yet informative technique videos and the Take 5 section have quick and fun tips.

Here is an example of a Take 5 tip to boost your motivation.

At ASIS, we include using the Website Builder as part of our Career and Business curriculum.
Lots of templates to choose!

Students explore elements of a business online presence while building a website through ABMP. We walk them through the steps and page elements available to them. The best part about the website builder is that many of the pages come with content that can be edited by the creator. Sometimes coming up with content is a little trickier than tailoring something to suit the individual student.

Digital Massage & Bodywork magazine access
Massage & Bodywork archives and search function!
 Students have access to the digital version of Massage & Bodywork (Professional Members get the magazine mailed to them). They get to read current and past issues of the magazine, to learn about so many parts of the field. I remember when I was in school (back in the day, when I had to walk both ways uphill in the snow….in Phoenix) reading my magazine opened my eyes to so many other modalities, leaders in the field, business and ethics tips, and information to products and services that were out there. In a nutshell, reading that magazine made me more excited to get out there and start practicing and learning even more.
The highlight to this digital version is there is a search feature to access the archives and find relevant information. Students can use this for their Case Study project (we will feature an entire post on this project) or supplement their in-class learning with relevant and up-to-date industry information. We’re fans of continuing and expanding education in all its forms!
Client Newsletter Generator
Some of the other features that are so helpful for students are ones that can be used for practice-building before the student is licensed and practicing. This is so vital for students to start planing and getting ready to be in the field. There are intake forms, brochures, discounts for creating business cards,  and many other features. One of the features that can help therapists who want to connect with and educate their clients but need a little assistance in creating content is the Newsletter Generator.


Newsletter Generator has customization! 
This Generator allows the user to choose a Featured Article and 2 Sub-Articles. The message to the reader can also be personalized for the client and the therapist information can be entered. It saves as a PDF, so the therapist can use it as a digital communication with their clients or could print it out and snail-mail it to clients. Keeping up communication with clients is vital to maintain the therapist-client relationship. The newsletter can educate and help our clients while we stay in their minds as someone who cares about their well-being. Perfect benefit!
ABMP  offers many benefits and services for their members. We appreciate the partnership we have developed with them here at ASIS since they support our students from the beginning of their program. Having the supplemental content that supports our curriculum is a benefit for our students as they prepare to become therapists in the field. We strive to make connections for our students to support them in all ways possible during their time with us and beyond…well into their career as massage therapists.