Healthy Heart – Joyful Heart

The heart is the most celebrated part of human beings, in art, literature, music, and in all the spiritual traditions. Chinese medicine sees the heart as the controller, the emperor, the seat of the mind and the spirit, and the center of joy, compassion, and awareness. Mae Wan Ho, working in the realm of quantum physics and biological organisms, understands the heart as the central communication hub, with every variable beat, for every cell in the body. The Institute of HeartMath, through decades of cutting edge research on the heart, tells us that the heart has neuronal cells like the brain, and is in constant communication with the brain – with most of that communication going from the heart to the brain – and encourages us to bring our awareness to our hearts regularly to create heart-brain coherence. HeartMath also tells us that our heart fields are connected to the Earth, to the planetary electromagnetic fields of our solar system, and most importantly to each and every heart field on our planet.


When the heart space is clear and uncluttered, the heart can bring joy to the jobs of all the other officials (organ systems). This poetic wisdom of Chinese medicine is echoed by the modern research of the HeartMath Institute. Fear, stress, over-work, over-activity – all clutter the heart space and interfere with our ability to approach life with joy, peace, compassion, and awareness. There are many ways to open and calm the heart – creating quiet time, engaging in the creative process, meaningful, heart-felt conversations, connecting with nature, and from a massage therapists perspective – receiving any of the myriad styles of massage and bodywork. I have always advocated for bodywork that is relaxing, nurturing, and restorative. So consider seeking a massage and bodywork practitioner who can offer work that feels luxuriously good and allows the heart space to open, bringing more calm, clarity, and awareness. When we feel good, we become healthy, and all the stresses, aches, and pains start to drop away. So in this heart-centered month, give the gift of touch to yourself and your loved ones, and bring the frequency of joy, compassion, and awareness into all of our heart connections.

Carl Johns, LMT
Director, ASIS Massage Education – Flagstaff