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Student Life

The integrative sequencing of classes taught within the massage training programs at Arizona School of Integrative Studies will provide students with a variety of massage related skills and knowledge at the theoretical and experiential levels. Effectiveness in the field of massage therapy is grounded in solid technical skills, tactile sensitivity, compassionate presence and theoretical understanding.

A substantial portion of the massage course is devoted to helping students understand more than just the strokes of massage therapy. It is our intent that you embrace the body as a whole inter-related system.

The classes at ASIS Massage Education are a mixture of intellectual and body-centered learning. At this level of training the student is exposed to teaching methods based on the belief that learning is a multi-dimensional process. In addition to traditional lecture and discussion, the student is invited to participate in an ongoing dialogue between him/herself and others. This process can uncover and release patterns of emotion, thought, and belief which may inhibit enjoyable learning. These patterns, while often stemming from educational environments of the past, are a rich and fertile ground of discovery when they arise in the present. What may initially be viewed as a stumbling block can, in an atmosphere of sensitivity and respect, become a great gift.

Every effort is made on the part of the faculty to provide students with a safe, rich, and diverse learning environment that can be individually paced and tailored to the needs of specific learning styles. When various dimensions of personal experience are allowed expression, personal and collective development are enhanced. The course content has been carefully selected and undergoes review on a regular basis. The faculty at ASIS have found the content and context of these classes to be invaluable parts of a holistic approach to massage therapy and education between him/herself and others.

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