Featured Faculty: Morgan “Mo” Taith

Morgan Taith, LMT, MMP, studied massage therapy at the Southwest institute of the Healing Arts. Shortly after graduation she continued to study and earn certifications in Gua Sha, medical massage, and Ayurveda. Mo is passionate about guiding and teaching her students at ASIS, where she is an instructor and admissions counselor.

Massage Therapists Play Important Role in History of the White House

It goes without saying that massage therapists are in high demand. If you’re considering enrolling in massage therapy school, it may interest you that massage therapists are needed even in the White House. The White House Athletic Center, like any gym, is a place where people exercise, de-stress and socialize—and, also like most gyms, the White House Athletic Center makes massage therapy sessions available to its members.

Student Spotlight: Layne Turner

Meet Layne Turner, the ASIS Massage Education Student of the Month for January! Layne was chosen because even though she has a very busy personal life, she always puts distractions aside and shows up ready to learn and with a positive attitude!

Flexible Schedules Allow You to Overcome the Limited Free Time Challenge: Go Back to School Now For a Better Career

When people consider going back to school to train for a better career, one of the most common objections they have is that they don’t have the time. In the first article in this series, we discussed how sometimes our own minds can work against us. Usually stemming out of a fear of change, our brain provides excuses to keep us from doing things that will change our lives in some way, like buying a car or changing cell phone providers, for example.