Mental Illness Awareness Week: Massage & Mental Health


I am sure most people realize there is a definite relationship between massage therapy and mental health; however, most people only view it from a stress reduction/relaxation point of view. While that is all fine and good, the truth of the matter is that massages reduce stress and enhance relaxation is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The American Massage Therapy Association reviewed massage research and found proof that receiving regular massages can reduce not only stress, but anxiety and depression as well. How do massages help with anxiety and depression? Here’s a few ways how massage helps: 

  • People who receive regular massages have reduced trait anxiety and depression with similar benefits to those of psychotherapy.
  • Regular massage actually increase neurotransmitters in the brain to lower anxiety and decrease the hormones in the body that increase anxiety. 
  • Regular massages can reduce depression and lessen anxiety in chronically or terminally ill patients.
  • Regular massages has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression in military veteran, and more research is underway. For example, there are classes for massage therapists focused on massage and PTSD in veterans and others.  
  • Regular massages can also reduce stress created by the workplace especially for those in first responder fields.

Self-care with regular massages help with decreasing some of the effects of stress and mental illness. However, even this is not all massage can do in the field of mental health. Massage can help reduce chronic pain, which affects a person’s mental health. It can help during prenatal and postnatal times to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can even promote physical and mental health in infants, and so much more. Massage is more than just a once in a while luxury. Massage is a major part of keeping our mind and body strong. 

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