Massage Modalities: Connective Tissue Therapy

CTT male client on blue drapingConnective Tissue Therapy is a “deep” form of massage, sometimes called Deep Tissue Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, or Connective Tissue Massage.
It targets the fascia (connective tissue) in the body in order to relax chronically tight muscles, improve range of motion, soften scar tissue, and improve posture by improving the length, strength, and overall condition of the fascia.
At ASIS Massage Education you will learn how to “listen” to subtle changes in tissue and use CTT techniques to help the muscles return to a relaxed state.
You will also learn about coordinating bodywork treatments, as well as treatment protocols for specific client concerns, such as a limited range of motion or difficulty with mobility.
The techniques used in CTT are based on the techniques of traditional Swedish Massage, but there are significant differences which make each modality unique.
For starters, during the application of CTT, the massage therapist applies a much deeper pressure than would be used during a Swedish Massage treatment. CTT strokes are also performed in a slower fashion than those of Swedish Massage and massage oils or lotions are not commonly used in CTT.
As part of your CTT studies at ASIS you will learn to focus your attention on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia and apply deep, slow strokes to release muscle tension and provide other benefits to your future clients.
To learn more about the modalities we teach at ASIS Massage Education, check out our course descriptions page or give us a call at 1-866-334-3348.

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