Massage Benefits to Improve Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and with everything going on, being aware of mental health issues right now and acknowledging them is extremely important. Most everyone who has ever had a massage will say it relaxed them or relieved pain causing them stress, or something along those lines. Research is finally catching up to what we, as massage therapists, have always known –  massage gives great benefits to everyone, but for those people who have anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental health issues, massage can help them have a better quality of life.  Even though we cannot schedule a massage with a licensed massage therapist, we can use foam rollers, family to rub shoulders, or even do compressions on our own shoulders, arms and legs. We can still use the massage touch to get us through this time.

Did you know there are even massage modalities that focus on mental health and how to help? That’s right. Massage therapists can specialize in helping those with mental health disorders, such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, and more.

Don’t just take our work on it. Here are several links to how massage can help those feeling extreme stress, but also with more intense mental health disorders. Some are scientific in nature; some are more in layman’s terms; all are great.

The articles below will let you see just how far we have come as an alternative/complementary health industry.

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