Student Spotlight: Layne Turner

flsm-som-jan-2017-layne-turnerMeet Layne Turner, the ASIS Massage Education Student of the Month for January! Layne was chosen because even though she has a very busy personal life, she always puts distractions aside and shows up ready to learn and with a positive attitude!

Name one person who has had an impact on your life and explain why:
I can’t pick one, but I can pick three. My kids have definitely impacted my life most. They have taught me the real meaning of love: sacrifice, service, commitment, and joy. They make me want to improve myself every day.

How did you become interested in becoming a massage therapist?
I loved and needed massage work for years and I always had a hard time relaxing because I would pay attention to the moves and flow and try to learn. Then I started giving aromatherapy applications and the joy from that inspired me to go to massage school.

What led you to choose your ASIS Massage Education as your massage therapy school?
ASIS Massage Education really stood out to me because of the chiropractic assistant certification. After speaking with admissions and students there I was really interested. After the tour and meeting the staff I was convinced ASIS was where I needed to be.

What is your favorite thing about ASIS and why?
I feel like I get to reinvent and discover myself. School is the start of my new career/life. And I get massages!

Name one thing you cannot live without:

Name one country you would love to visit:

Are you a dog or cat person? Or both or neither?
Both . . . but some days neither!

State three adjectives that describe you:
Compassionate, funny, sincere.

What is your go-to song when you need to get motivated?
Wild Horses” by Mazzy Star has always been my favorite, but a little Metallica, like “Enter Sandman,” is great for the gym.

What are your plans after graduating from massage therapy school?
Spend the summer enjoying time with my kids and then find a job working with a chiropractor when they go back to school. Also, take the MBLEx and lots of CEUs (Continuing Education courses)!

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