Seniors and Massage


Did you know that there is a modality within massage therapy that is just for seniors? Geriatric massage is a form of massage therapy that is focused on the specific conditions seniors have, such as thinner skin, lessening range of motion, chronic pain, possible breathing problems, and more. Massage Therapists with this type of training learn how to help their clients with more than just a massage. These sessions tend to be more focused on improving tissue and increasing fluid movement, reducing stress, increasing range of motion, and overall better physical and mental health. 

These are not your typical 60 or 90 minutes or more sessions. Many times these sessions last 30 minutes or less but are extremely helpful to the senior.  It has been shown that massage can help alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce agitation in Alzheimer’s patients, plus it works the same as a regular massage with improved blood circulation, reduction of stress, better sleep and improving sensorimotor functions after a stroke. 

In addition, sometimes the massage therapist in a nursing home or rehabilitation center is the only person that gives the healing touch and not just a medical touch. Touch is so important and oftentimes, our seniors lack touch. 

Everyone benefits from massage, especially the seniors in our lives. It can make their golden years and beyond more comfortable and caring. 

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