Interview With AMTA 2016 National Convention Speaker, Therapist Tami Goldstein

Tami GoldsteinTami Goldstein was drawn to a career in holistic medicine when she saw how certain treatments were helping her autistic daughter. She graduated from massage therapy school, trained in lymphatic drainage and Reiki, and is dedicated to continuing education. Goldstein will present a lecture about treating clients with autism at the American Massage Therapy Association convention in October 2016.

Get to know AMTA 2016 National Convention speaker Tami Goldstein. Then, explore further at Tami’s session “Massage Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders” in Milwaukee on Saturday, October 29!

What drew you to the profession?

My daughter was seeing an occupational therapist for sensory processing disorders related to her autism and the OT facilitated bodywork. I became very intrigued by the Upledger CranioSacral Therapy facilitated to reduce seizures, anxiety and touch sensitivities. With the anxiety reduced we saw other improvement in behaviors. For example, she made better eye contact, her OCD reduced and she was more connected and engaged. The OT was also facilitating other bodywork techniques and all were incredibly helpful for my child.

As a parent living in the world of autism, to see these improvements when years of traditional pharmaceutical medication did nothing, I went back to school for massage therapy with a goal to help other families dealing with autism spectrum disorders.

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