TECH TOOLS STUDENTSThe same way that massage professionals take advantage of apps, programs, and videos, students in massage therapy school can also see immediate benefits from the use of technology.

Here’s a list of some of the most helpful tech tools for massage therapy school students:


Type of tech: App and Online 
This site features several paid plans depending on what you’re looking for, but with most plans you get access to anatomy-related articles, quizzes, and video tutorials. Kenhub also offers an Anatomy on the Go app for iPhone and iPad that features 367 illustrations from the popular THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, in case you need to look something up when you’re on the road. 

Type of tech: Online 
This is a website that provides free learning tools for students, including flashcards, study games, and you guessed it, quizzes. It was even created by a high school student back in 2005! Quizlet now contains over 400 million study sets and students in massage therapy school swear by it!

AMTA Massage Exam Study App
Type of tech: App and Online 
Brilliant in its simplicity, this app from the American Massage Therapy Association helps you practice for the MBLEx. It even simulates real tests!

Massage Sloth
Type of tech: YouTube Video Tutorials 
This YouTube channel helps professionals and students alike. Ian Harvey, aka the Massage Sloth, and his spirit animal (a real sloth), create video tutorials on massage-related topics. His videos are a great visual aid for techniques you learn in class and a fun way to practice at home.

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