Reflexology Eases Pain

This Boston Globe article discusses how reflexology therapy helps patients dealing with chronic pain, particularly cancer patients. The article also discusses how other alternative therapies, such as Reiki and acupuncture, have helped and continue to help patients.

Massage therapist Maria Barbara “Bambi’’ Mathay roamed the pediatric clinic at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, looking for takers. It wasn’t long before she spotted Carlie Gonzalez, 15, wrapped in a yellow blanket and weary from seven months of chemotherapy.

Fertility Massage Can Help With Pregnancy Issues

Many couples and individuals have difficulty with fertility. Some of these people are experiencing positive outcomes, such as increased chances of conceiving, by using fertility massage treatments. So what exactly is fertility massage therapy? Read on to find out!

“Fertility massage sounded–like a perfect non-invasive treatment that would help improve my chances of conceiving and complement any future IVF cycles.”

Massage Creates Healthy Self-Connection

It’s been proven that physical touch has many health benefits. Swedish, Shiatsu, in whatever form, we can all benefit significantly from massage therapy. Did you know that massage therapy can also help you reconnect—with yourself? Read more to find out how.

The Hidden Health Benefits of Massage from

Did you know that getting a massage can actually improve your health? It’s true. Physical touch can benefit your body in a number of ways, such as lowering blood pressure and increasing serotonin—your brain’s natural anti-depressant. This article discusses a study done by Dr. Mark Rapaport that explores the health benefits of massage therapy. “We’re finding biological changes associated with a single massage session,” he says. “That’s saying something.” Read on to find out more about these “hidden” benefits to massage therapy…

Massage Therapy Can Help People Suffering From Neck and Back Pain

Massage therapists use several techniques to work on different problem areas. A common issue for many people is neck and back pain. Massage therapy can also alleviate many of the issues associated with neck and back pain, such as inflammation, muscle aches, and limited flexibility. Read on to find out about different types of treatments that can help with this common problem.