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Balancing the Nervous System with Polarity Bodywork


The Nervous System is a sphere of energy which directly enlivens and controls physical form.  This class will give your bodywork protocols that treat imbalances in all aspects of the Nervous System.  The Central Nervous System, The Sympathetic Nervous System, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System.  These body work sessions are easily integrated into any modality.  

Polarity Therapy, is a recognized art/science that has been in practice in the United States for about 100 years.  It was brought into professional practice by Randolf Stone, a chiropactor who synthisised the methods from his studies of the ancient Ayurvedic systems of India. 

The qualities of vibration and movement can be seen, felt and worked with on many levels.  These various energy patterns and relationships create the structure for how we express our ideas, emotions and actions in the world.  Their relationships of expression in the body can be used therapeutically to create a deeper expression of balance in our practice and our lives.

Join us at ASIS Massage Edu. Flagstaff  for an informative, enjoyable and practical series of one day workshops.  Suellen Trumbour-Cheney, BSN, MPS, PTP, RN, and Professional Polarity Practitioner and Educator (International Alliance of Polarity Therapy & Materworks International) Holistic Nurse Counselor in Private Practice for 30 years. Suellen delights in passing on her learning and passion for Polarity Therapy and the work of Dr. Randolf Stone DODC.  She considers the Elemental Work the core of her practice and passion of 30 years.

Polarity for the Nervous System is a stand alone class that benefits any hands on practitioner.  For ongoing studies, Join us for the POLARITY Elemental Series of 5 hour workshops on each Element and its indicaitons and balancing principles.   See them listed at ASISWORKSHOPS.COM

Instructor: Suellen Trumbour-Cheney
Date/Time: May 26th, Sunday 9am - 5pm
Location: ASIS Flagstaff Campus
Tuition: $175
Registration Contact: Call or Text (928) 224-8195
Continuing Education Credits: 7

Upcoming Workshops




  • Medicinal Aromatherapy and Your Immune System - Flagstaff

    June 2nd 2019, 9am-5pm

    Attune your senses, technique and practice in this restorative day of technique.  Learn appropriate use of Aromatherapy with reflexology, scalp massage, lymphatic work and the rich content and wisdom of this compassionate Class.   CE's 7 $185

  • Craniosacral Level IV ~ Riding the Wave, Touching Stillness - Prescott

    June 28th - June 30th 2019 , Fri 5-9pm Sat/Sun 9am – 6pm

    Join the advanced studies for Craniosacral with Heidi Wilson.  Anyone with previous Craniosacral studies can join this restorative weekend at our Flagstaff Campus.   CE's 20 $325 


  • Thai Massage for Back Pain - Mesa

    September 5th 2019, 9pm - 1pm

    Chinese – Thai massage for back pain includes specific stretches, Thai massage techniques and Chinese Acupressure used to alleviate back pain. Since back pain is one of the most common complaints, this is a good modality to practice. You will get remarkable results using these techniques.  $80

  • Traditional THAI FOOT Massage - Mesa

    September 6th - September 7th 2019 , 9 am - 6 pm

    STIR THE SYSTEM, from the treatment points and portions of the foot with Thai Foot Massage, works on the energy lines of the lower legs to the knees with Winnie Cain, CE's 16 $ 295

  • Traditional THAI Massage - Mesa

    September 9th - September 13th 2019 , Daily 9:00am - 4:00pm

    Enjoy the marveous techniques and deep long stetches that make Thai Massage such a gentle and unique therapy The effective use of the practitioner’s body weight is instrumental in the practice. Five day immersion of professional techniques with Winnie Cain CE's 30 $ 545 

  • Introduction to Hospital Based Massage Therapy - Mesa

    September 28th 2019, Saturday 9am - 6pm

    Bringing your practice to the Client.  Bedside in Hospitals, Group Homes, Treatment Centers or during a period of recovery.  CE's 8 $ 195

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