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CUPPING, Gua Sha and Chinese Topical Herbal Liniments

This is an Introductory 2 day Workshop Practicum on Vacuum Cupping and GuaSha with the use of topical liniments and essential oils from Chinese herbs for maximum effectiveness.

Join this powerful weekend of hand saving tools to get deep in a gentle way. A comprehensive class on the powerful & stirring techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the weekend you will gain knowledge and hands on experience in:

1. Cupping: An introductory review of multiple Cupping types and methods that may be used by Massage Therapist such as Silicone,plastic,vacuum, pressure, disposable, and glass types.

We will learn and practice glass vacuum Cupping on both the body and head both days.We will use glass vacuum cups in both stationary and moving techniques for outstanding relief of chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain relief.

2. GuSha: An Introductory review of multiple GuaSha tools and methods that may be used by Massage Therapist such as Jade, Water Buffalo Horn, plastic, metals, spoons, and disposables.

This workshop will use disposable GuaSha tools for the body and head. We will learn and practice disposable GuaSha methods for miraculous immediate results in pain relief.

3. Chinese Herbs: Liniments for musculoskeletal pain and essential oils for tissue damage

4. TCM: Qi, Meridians, Acupressure point locations, and 5 Element/Phase with an emphasis on our use choice of Cupping or GuaSha and or liniments and oils to effectively help our clients.We will introduce and explore what is Bi-Syndrome and Body Pain. How Bi-Syndromes are caused from the 6 Evils of Environmental Qi.

5. Asian and Western Massage style combinations such as ; Shiatsu,Thai, Acupressure/TuiNa, NMT,Deep tissue and relaxation with Cupping and GuaSha during our 60-90 or 120 minutes treatments.

6. Self Care and Post Care : Client home care after Cupping and GuaSha treatments and continued use of liniments or essential oils for better treatment outcomes. For Massage Therapists, we will explore techniques for our own Wellness and Prevention care by using GuaSha and Cupping to maintain excellent body health and care of overuse injuries.

7. The Qi of Intention, the language of healing: Setting the stage for healing in the body thru sending a harmonious and consistent message to the bodies meridians and pathways. This message is formed thru our various massage styles and experience of touch therapies to the body as well as a look at our own personal bodies state Qi and intention. The mastery of our intention manifest in our hands is a miraculous gift.

8. Professional considerations; We will review contraindications , legal forms for client release to perform both Cupping and or Guasha, Universal precautions with blood, sterilization factors, and scope of practice limitations.

Jeanette E. Campbell, Dip.OM, L.AC, L.MT MSOM is a practicing Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Massage Bodyworker. Jeanette has been in Integrative healing private practice since 1996. She maintains a full-time clinical practice in Cottonwood Arizona. AAS Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy , MSOM Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Clinical Externship Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chengdu PRC Sichuan Provence, Preceptorship in Baltimore, MD Dr. Ying Keng Deng.


Instructor: Jeanette Campbell
Date/Time: April 21st - April 22nd 2018 , Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm
Location: ASIS Mesa
Tuition: $330
Prerequisite: Prerequisite * Professional Massage Therapist with a basic foundation or introduction in Asian Bodywork is required
Registration Contact: Call or Text (928) 451 4853
Continuing Education Credits: 14

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