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CHI NEI TSANG Taoist Abdominal Massage

Rooted in ancient Taoist practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang uses gentle abdominal massage techniques, breathing excercises and meditation for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, well-being, disease prevention and longevity.

A full body detoxifying routine including herbal protocols for gallstones, kidney stones and parasites. Manual technique to improve digestion, assimilation and to alleviate constipation. Dietary approach to prevent, improve and help reverse hypoglycemia and diabetes. How to deal with abdominal pain including pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome, menstual cramps, endometriosis and fibroids. How to correct chronic back problems caused by visceral imbalance.

Earth Relationship qigong, the Five Elemental Forces and Inner Smile Meditation, the Bone Marrow Nei-Kung and the Healing Buddha Palms qigong, to increase your levels of energy, well-being and to prevent burnout. An Understanding of the Emotional aspects,Theory of Five Elements that will allow you to address the core issues more effectively. How to approach clients with a history of trauma, that will address what’s happening in the nervous system, based on the newest research (including Polyvagal Theory).

How to perform a 1-hour Chi Nei Tsang treatment on yourself and others and how to teach your clients to practice on themselves... and more. Recommended reading: Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsang by Gilles Marin.

Aleksandra Bazinska, Ph.D., SEP, LMT, has been practicing bodywork since 1982. Throughout her career she has taught Yoga, Qigong, Breathwork, Meditation, NLP, various healing and personal growth workshops. A graduate of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in California and teaches classes and workshops in the United States and Europe.


Instructor: Aleksandra Bazinska, Ph.D., SEP, LMT
Date/Time: April 27th - April 29th 2018 , 10am-6pm each day
Location: ASIS Tucson Campus
Tuition: $450
Early Registration Discount: Pay before March 28th 2018 and pay $420
Registration Contact: call/text (928) 451 4853
Continuing Education Credits: 21

Upcoming Workshops




  • Polarity Therapy for the Elements ~ WATER - Flagstaff

    February 10th 2019, Sunday 10AM - 4PM

    Balancing WATER Elemental Expressions.  Bring the principles of POLARITY THERAPY to your practice and your life. Working with the Positive & Negative Poles of the body CE's 5   $125 

  • Craniosacral Level I: Riding the Wave, Touching Stillness - Prescott

    February 22nd - February 24th 2019 , Fri 5-9pm Sat/Sun 9am – 6pm

    Begin the Journey, into the subtle senses and ENERGY WORK with Craniosacral Therapy.  Learn the craniosacral mechanism: the bones, central nervous system, membranes, tissues, and cerebrospinal fluid.   CE's 20   $295

  • Introduction to Hospital Based Massage Therapy - Flagstaff

    February 24th 2019, Saturday 9am - 6pm

    Bringing your practice to the Client.  Bedside in Hospitals, Group Homes, Treatment Centers or during a period of recovery.  CE's 8 $ 195




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