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Advanced Techniques for the PSOAS and Posterior Abdominal Wall Musculature

Advanced Techniques for the PSOAS

& Posterior Abdominal Wall Musculature

This course offers an in depth study of the psoas including the anatomy, kinesiology, massage, structural integration, stretches and emotional health of this deep core muscle.

Join me in an exploration of massage techniques to access and balance the deepest core muscle, Psoas.  Learn how to relieve back, hip, groin and knee pain, to correct postural imbalance, relieve reflux and breathing restrictions thru the release of the psoas.  We will study the anatomy, kinesiology, emotional considerations of psoas as well as stretching and strengthening. This course will heighten your palpation sensitivity and build confidence in using verbal cues and educating clients on the importance of psoas health. This work is a key to integrating therapeutic body

Wendy Hines B.S., LMT has been a therapeutic massage practitioner for 14 years specializing in rehabilitation and body alignment integration, myofascial work and yoga therapy, as well as health and wellness consulting.  Wendy draws from her Exercise Science and Nutrition degree, health studies and massage training as well her keen study and observation of life and the arts of listening and intuition. Over the past couple of years she has taught yoga, kinesiology and connective tissue massage. Wendy encourages a fun, mindful and open – hearted learning atmosphere.For more information or to Register:text (928) 451 4853

Instructor: Wendy Hines B.S., LMT
Date/Time: February 3rd - February 4th 2018 , Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday 9am – 3pm
Location: Flagstaff Campus
Tuition: $295
Early Registration Discount: Pay before January 4th 2018 and pay $270
Prerequisite: LMT or LMT Training, professional license in Chiropractor or Osteopathy, physical therapist or renewing license
Registration Contact: call/text (928) 224 8223
Continuing Education Credits: 13

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  • Polarity Therapy for the Elements ~ FIRE - Flagstaff

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